Tribe Marketing

Tribe Marketing – There’s Power in Community

Obviously “Tribe Marketing” is a marketing strategy that attempts to create social groups or communities that are targeted around a service.

But to the shrewd business owner, tribe marketing can suggest much more than that. Here’s a short list of potential benefits:

  • Trust and Authority Back Links
  • Viral Facebook Applications
  • Viral Twitter Posts
  • Blog Commenting and Trackbacks
  • Increase SEO for Ranking
  • Closely-targeted, Fresh Traffic
  • Increase Product / Business Exposure

Internet-Based Tribe Marketing Outlined

It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline, the point of each business seeking to make a profit is to gain tighter targeted exposure for their products and services in order to make a bigger number of sales. Decrease expenses and increase profitability.

One extremely effective way to try this offline has been to make an advertising or marketing cooperatives. This is where you team up with other non-competing players and share the cost and rewards of a joint promotion. Maybe you split costs and share a full-page ad, each running a half-page ad.

The challenge with these normal approaches is you or your company is answerable for initiating each and every expedition into the market.

But now imagine if you had an established advertising network set up where you could post your content and dozens, even masses of astute marketing experts like yourself plugged your content into their marketing distribution systems for instant exposure?

Welcome to the glorious world of tribe marketing!

Think Automated Cooperative Marketing

The wizardry driving the tribe marketing idea is one of group cooperation. You shared and promote each member’s content as published and, in turn, they share your marketing messages when you publish. The content is distributed immediately thru numerous social bookmarketing sites, micro-blogs, blog commenting, Facebook and Twitter.

To take full advantage of this new tribe marketing concept, you’ll need to embrace the auto-syndication model.

We’ll take a closer look how this works.

Getting your value-based content and sales offers to rate high on the top search engine results page ( SERPS ) is the holy grail when it comes to captivating strongly-targeted prospects and potential customers.

And while many considerations make a contribution to how well your content ranks, perhaps the most powerful factor are back links from other authority web sites and pages.

Also, since your content is really being “shared” via real folks actual marketing accounts – you can expect your message to be read and acted on by real people as well. Possible prospects and customers will really see your content and this can drive real traffic.

One of the least clear benefits are the potential relations you create within your marketing tribe. Like you, these folk are marketing pros always looking to increase profitability so think “partnership potential” and collaborations.

Getting Started with TribePro Marketing

There are 2 ways to milk “tribe marketing” for marketers today.

Therefore, you actually have just two choices. You can go build your own network using wordpress multi-user installs, buddypress sites, article directory sites and social book marketing systems – ensuring to install each domain on a different C-Class IP for critical IP diversification.

Then invite folks to participate.

Better. You can join an already established tribe marketing platform like and be set up to start sharing and having your content shared literally within a few short minutes. It is free. It’s fast. It’s easy.

Look at it and join the tribe marketing revolution today. And if you are actually serious about taking your business to the next level, see also MLSP for the Web best lead generation platform.

Summary and Action Steps

We like the aspect of automation in our business and think you will too!  See how we use our attraction marketing system to automate our business just as you can.  This online marketing system can help you generate leads daily, as you have never seen before!  You can stop by to read other articles by Fred Raley at his blog at


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