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Dominate the First Page of Google

Dominate the First Page of Google 5 Simple Steps I found this cool eBook at http://linkdominators.com/TopRankStrategy.pdf that shows you how to get lots of SEO credit in lots of different ways.  Go get it!  It’s FREE. Enjoy your new traffic! Enjoy our team support to take you to the top! Questions?  Call, email or skype […]

Website worth and grading

Cool tools to value your web site and to improve Search Engine ranking Want to know what your site is worth? Want to see how your site can be improved? It is amazing what folks come up with but here are some neat tools to help you valuate and evaluate your work. Website Valuation There […]

SEO Post Format

This post is a formatted post with correct SEO settings for maximum leverage on the search engines for your blog posts.  This is an H1 tagged line.  Use it like a title line.  Use your keyword in here.  This is an SEO Post Format This is an H2 tagged line.  Use it like a sub-title. […]

Blog Post Key Word Search Engine Optimization

Rocket Science or Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy? Making Your Blog Posts Search Engine Friendly Ok, I know this SEO stuff sounds like rocket science but it’s NOT!  There are just a handful of things you need to do and keep track of that this blog post will show you so you will be SEO friendly on all of […]

Marketing Secrets of YouTube

Internet users really seem to enjoy video sharing web sites, and YouTube is no exception. Did you know that 100 million people use YouTube? 76.8 percent of all the Internet users in the United States have viewed videos online. Internet marketing is always evolving, yet the marketing secrets of YouTube are still quite valid. Many […]

How To Automate YouTube Marketing

Why would an Internet marketer want to know how to automate YouTube marketing? It might be because YouTube is king when it comes to videos! What you want to do is get your company’s brand or your own personal products and services out before the eyes of the many millions of members YouTube community. The […]

Blog Plug-ins – What?

So, What is a blog “Plug In” you ask? Good question! According to WordPress: Plugins Plugins are cool bits of programming scripts that add additional functionality to your blog. These are often features which either enhance already available features or add them to your site. WordPress offers simple and easy ways of adding Plugins to […]