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How to get started writing articles

Writing articles and getting them submitted is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site.  But there are a lot of stumbling blocks along the way! These two videos from Ezine Articles’ YouTube channel should help 8 Steps to Writing and Submitting Your First Article Article Title – The Key to Your […]

How to make money from your blog

The obvious thing is to sell something.  Or, better yet, LOTS of things. But what can you sell? The answer will astound you. If found this little “widget” on Amazon.  I have an account with Amazon so I can sell books but setting up a book sales page one at a time is time-consuming. Amazon.com […]

400,000 Marketers Can’t be Wrong

Top way to get targeted traffic People looking for what you have, looking at your ads I use traffic exchanges every day to get more traffic to my website.  Hundreds to thousands of site views every day is the norm.  Most top marketers do.  One of the best of the best is TrafficSwarm.  You are […]

DOE Benefits You Should Have

Guest Post by Charlie Page Do you find marketing online confusing? Many people do. They have questions – valid and important questions like … How can I choose a great product? What can I do if I have more time than money? What are the BEST ways to promote as an affiliate? Just a while […]

Facebook Marketing Strategy

500 Million consumers on Facebook. Are you getting your share in your business? Find out how a Facebook Marketing Strategy can skyrocket your business to the top. Facebook has become an online home to millions of people of all ages. It is now the most used social networking site there is. Facebook has the innate […]

YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy – Maximize your effectiveness with solid tactics Video is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy YouTube is the largest video sharing service in the world, and it is one of the best places online for Internet marketing.  A good YouTube marketing strategy can blast your affiliate business into orbit, as long […]

Marketing Secrets of YouTube

Internet users really seem to enjoy video sharing web sites, and YouTube is no exception. Did you know that 100 million people use YouTube? 76.8 percent of all the Internet users in the United States have viewed videos online. Internet marketing is always evolving, yet the marketing secrets of YouTube are still quite valid. Many […]

How To Automate YouTube Marketing

Why would an Internet marketer want to know how to automate YouTube marketing? It might be because YouTube is king when it comes to videos! What you want to do is get your company’s brand or your own personal products and services out before the eyes of the many millions of members YouTube community. The […]

Specific Daily Actions

One of the things that made me successful in marketing was taking Daily Actions to build my business.  Then, I wrote an article called “SDA – Success in your business with Specific Daily Actions” which folks loved!  Here it is for you to read, take action on and see success in your business. As mentioned […]