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Funded Proposal – Pros and Cons

Experienced marketers use a concept called a “funded proposal” to bring in cash from advertising. It’s different that common direct sales techniques because their ultimate goal is to get people introduced to their network marketing business (MLM) or to sell them a high ticket item. But the idea of a funded proposal is to get […]

David Wood – Empower Network

Are you familiar with David Wood? David Wood  is a top marketer, recruiter and trainer in the network marketing arena. David has been at the top of every company he ever joins because he knows how to market successfully.  He also chooses good companies to work with. This post is NOT to pitch you on […]

Empower Network – Who needs it?

Folks are wondering: Is this Empower Network another scammy “guru launch”? Is this Empower Network another guru “secrets of… ” sale? Is this Empower Network another OTO “oversell”? The answer to them all is a big fat NO! Really…? Yea. Well, what is it? It is the answer to your marketing failures once and for […]