How to get MLM Leads

Leads:  Lifeblood of Business

Where to get them fast and slow

Leads are the lifeblood of every business.  Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business slugging it out in a strip-mall or an online business with a website as your storefront, you need leads to visit your offer, become prospects (“I’m interested”) and eventually turn into buyers.

Where do all these leads come from?

Leads come from dozens of sources.  Some of these sources take a long time to start generating leads.  Take article marketing for example.  Articles have to be well-written, key-word centric and in an area that is searched often.  They also have to “be there” for a while for Google and other search engines to drop their robots by to index them.

Let’s look at leads from a time perspective and see how you can get started generating leads fast and also how to invest some time now to start getting your “slow” leads to show up.

Getting leads fast

Here are a bakers’-half dozen ways to get leads fast:

  1. Buy lead lists and email them an offer.  Places like LTTW give you thousands of leads per month.  You will need that many to sort through for your offer.  Great way to get started building your list fast.
  2. Ezine Marketing is a great way to get your ad out to tens of thousands in your area and start building your list.  Charlie Page, owner of Ezine Marketing provides great training on how to get up and running on this method quickly.
  3. Joint Ventures with other markets works well.  The idea here is to exchange emails with another marketer.  You email his offer to your list and vice versa.  You get to build your list from his and he builds his from yours.  If interested, Google the term for tons of info.
  4. Lead scrapers like LeadNetPro and others are a good way to contact established marketers.  It takes a special skill to contact them though with a good offer.  You definitely can not do “Jam it Down their Throat” marketing.  More of an advanced tactic.
  5. Pay Per Click marketing can provide you with leads fast but is generally expensive.  Recently Google has cut out “small time” marketers (those spending less than $10,000 per month on PPC) so this is not a good place to start either.  It is also a well traveled advertising road so the learning curve is very steep.
  6. Easy Hits for You: If you have a good offer and a good lead capture page, getting on high traffic sites will help you start to generate leads fast.  Easy Hits 4 U is a great place to test your offer.  You can get 1,000 unique users to view your site for only $5.95.  You can see exactly how many opt-ins or click-throughs you get with that many views.  They also have a nice splash page maker with their offer.  Great place to test.
  7. YouTube Videos: Google loves videos and gives them high ranks if you use the right techniques.  If you are into making videos you can turn those into leads fairly quickly.

Getting leads “Slow”

Getting leads slow sounds bad.  They hard part is in getting your system set up to get started generating leads.  It takes time.  But, once it starts, there is not much to do to keep it going.  That’s the cool part.  Leads just keep coming in.  Let’s take a look at how to generate leads ‘slow’.

  1. Article marketing: This is the oldest and one of the most reliable forms of getting your links and keywords into the search engines to generate traffic (i.e. leads) to your website.  It takes time but is worth your effort to write an article a week or so (that’s only 52 per year) and submit them to the article directories.  Best by far are listed by Alexa rank at the Top 50 Article Directories site.  Note the red “NF!” on some of the listings there… that means the site is a “No Follow” site meaning there is a code in them to make Google and other search engines ignore your links.  BEWARE posting on these sites as your links may lose value (or just have none).  Make article marketing one of your weekly “To Do” items to keep building up your presence online.  By using MLSP hosting for our main business domain we get the benefit of all of the MLSP pages and articles we put up on there as counting toward our domain for expert authority.
  2. Website authority recognition: What is your Alexa Ranking?  How much traffic are you getting?  How many incoming links do you have?  All of these items and more are responsible for establishing  your website’s expert authority.  Google and other search engines like to see other people (i.e. website owners) recommend your site.  Your ranking also has to do with how much content (web pages, articles, videos, etc) are on your domain.  This is the main reason we use MLSP hosting for our main business domain because we get the benefit of all of the MLSP pages counting toward our domain for expert authority.
  3. Blogs: Blogs are a great way to build up your web presence especially if the blog is on your main domain.  That way, all of the blog posts count toward expert authority ratings for your domain, running you up in Alexa ranking and therefore getting you more traffic.  This is the main reason we use MLSP hosting for our main business domain because we get the benefit of all of the MLSP pages, articles and blogposts all counting toward our domain for expert authority.
  4. Linking to your site: Like I mentioned above, the search engines like to see incoming links (i.e. links to YOUR domain) coming in from other sites, especially of the other site has a high Alexa ranking or is otherwise considered an expert authority.  How can you get incoming links?
    1. Write guest articles for other blogs and have your link in the “resource” box where you put your author info.
    2. Comment on blog posts on other domains.  Many have a place to put a link to your site in as you write the comment.
    3. Forum posts:  If you frequent forums (the bulletin board kind of sites) where people post a lot, you can have your link in your sig lines when you post there.  Best thing to do is to establish yourself as an authority on one or more of the forum’s topics and post answers to peoples questions on them.  It is better to be an early poster rather than 5 or 10 down the line.
    4. Submit your site to the search engines.  They like it when you do that and will visit your site quicker to get it in their data base.
    5. If you have other blogs, post articles there and put in links back to your site.  Google doesn’t care if you own both blogs.  They still consider it an incoming link from another site!

I hope this has helped you think about how to map out your lead strategy!  It is worth taking some time to plan by using your expertise, time involved, how much you can afford to pay others to do, etc.  Planning out where you will be getting your leads from will pay off handsomely in profits!

MLSP just makes good business sense if you are going to build an MLM strong and for the long term.

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