Five Points of Commonality in Top Producers in MLSP

What are the five key factors among all of the top leaders in My Lead System Pro?

Let’s review and see how many you have in your marketing arena.

1.  They all own their own domain (web site name)

DomainsWhy is this important?  Well, like in the real estate world where the important factor is “Location, Location, Location”, in internet marketing circles having your own domain lets you build a strong presence in your area of business.  And domains are cheap!  Like $9.50 per year or so.  Hosting at $6.95/month or less ($50/one time with MLSP.)

A buddy of mine owned a domain a number of years ago and had it built up.  He got sick and had to let his internet businesses go.  Last year, after he recovered, he went to get his old domain back.  It was up for sale for $22,000!

See the importance of having a good domain name of your own?

2.  They all are building their own list

How many times have we heard it?  Build your list!  Well, it is true that those who do and keep at it are the ones making the big money.  How big is your list?  Most all top marketers use Aweber at least to start because there is a lot of capability, a lot of training on how to use it and the initial cost is low.

Build your list for long term profits.  Once you have people on a targeted list (i.e. for a particular reason) you can sell to them over and over and over again.

3.  They are all using “Attraction Marketing” or “Magnetic Sponsoring” techniques to build their business.

What does that mean?

a.  They offer value up front for free. Free training, free software, free advice, free webinar, etc.  All given in exchange for the participants contact information (email and first name for starters.)  Example:  Free webinar with 25 proven marketing tactics

b.  They build systems to help their team build their MLM.  Autoresponder text, Videos, lead generation techniques, etc.  All free for their team.

c.  They “PreSell” their products and MLM. A video, an audio, a webinar, etc. with free information about a certain aspect of their product or business.  Most end with a special invite to join them in their main business.  It is not uncommon to get 5 to 10 or more new business associates with a one- or two-step seminar!

Note:  “Pre-Selling” does two things:  (1)  Build your list (2) entice customers to learn more from you and (3) stop you from what I call “Jamming it down my throat” marketing, i.e. pitching your business/product first before learning about what the customer wants.  Once you know what the customer wants, you can offer that to him and your success rate will SKYROCKET!

d.  They all own, read and offer “Magnetic Sponsoring” as the bible of Attraction Marketing.  It is the best book in my library, bar none.

4.  They use MLSP web hosting for their primary domain.


MLSP has dozens of affiliate pages for each participant.  By hosting your domain on MLSP servers, MLSP can then integrate all of your MLSP affiliate pages into your own domain so your main domain gets more exposure.  More exposure =  Higher rank on Google = More leads for your business.

It’s an innovative method of getting a more expansive domain thanks to the work of MLSP.

5.  They all have multiple streams of income coming in… from promoting one domain.

They make money when a prospect says “No” to their initial offer by offering different but related products later.  It’s a great way to monetize or fund your advertising.  Getting income from sales of multiple items is crucial to bringing in money early while you are building your MLM where the big money normally comes in later.

Having multiple streams of income also allows for the possibility of one income stream drying up.  AKA not having all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

MLSP just makes good business sense if you are going to build an MLM strong and for the long term.

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    wow good article here! i am a member of mlsp too but was researching the pros and cons of letting mlsp host my site. With your information i had made my decision. Thankyou :)

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