Facebook Marketing Strategy

500 Million consumers on Facebook.
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Find out how a Facebook Marketing Strategy can skyrocket your business to the top.

Facebook has become an online home to millions of people of all ages. It is now the most used social networking site there is. Facebook has the innate ability to bring its users together socially no matter who they are, or where they are from. It is no wonder that Internet marketers who want to acquire the attention of a target audience see Facebook marketing as a very sound method to use in order to connect to others who may be interested in their goods and services.

Social Advertising

One Facebook marketing strategy you should try is its Social Ads. This is a simple and free of cost method that will allow your marketing needs to be met on one platform. Some people say that Social Ads remind them of Google Adwords, and that’s a fair comparison. You can direct the advertisements you’ve chosen for your company to a certain interest, a certain age group, a certain part of the country, or a certain area of the world, for that matter!

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Headquarters

By taking the time to do this, your ads will reach their intended target, and not someone who clicked your ad because he was bored.  A Facebook marketing strategy will help improve your click through rates exponentially. It is an advanced targeting method that is also selective at the same time. There are also pay-per-click ads on Facebook that you may want to take advantage of. You will need to bid on keywords that suit your business niche in an auction. Choosing to bid on keywords that are not the really popular ones and you stand a good chance of winning your bid.

Costs for advertising on Facebook

There are no set costs for Facebook marketing strategy campaigns. It’s a good idea to have an advertising budget, if you don’t already. That way, you will know how much you can spend at the outset of your advertising campaign. Facebook will give you an estimate of the bid ranges that similar keywords are going for. You can easily tell if you’re bidding too much or too little, and this is an excellent tool for those marketing on a budget.

Every business needs a good foundation for long term success.  Lots of folks miss this and it becomes a point of failure for them.  We use NPN tools as our business foundation because it lets us put up websites, our blogs, our trackers, our lead capture pages, etc and let’s us do all of that with grandmother-simple, point-and-click ease and gives us up front money for referring others to it via their referral bonus program.  We recommend starting at the director level for maximum profits.

More detail on how your business structure integrates everything together can be found by getting my 7 Points To Success in Business report. Enjoy our team support to take you to the top!

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p.s.  Don’t forget to get the report “Using Facebook Marketing Strategy to Build your List”.  It’s IMPORTANT.

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    More good stuff on facebook I see! Man I just love this blog ~ I’ve been reading for hours, really need to get off this computer:) But hey, let me ask you Do you think this Facebook ads are better than advertising with google adwords?

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