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Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich – the Real McCoy Although The Science of Getting Rich was released over a century back, there are masses of ideas inside it if you’re keen to make a noticeably better way of life for you, your family and the possibly the community in general. You procure what you own […]

The Lotus Code

I pulled this out of my “7 Points to Success” document. With apologies to Mark Yarnell, here is my synopsis: The Action Principle Taking Action is what makes your business successful. I found a quote from one of my Facebook friends today that describes my success philosophy: Would you like me to give you a […]

The Multitasking Myth

So you think you are a successful multitasker ‘eh.  Type an email while talking on the phone?  No problem.  Put together two different sets of presentations at the same time? Piece of cake. But as you sort through the mail while reading this article, I’ve got some news that will make you stop in your […]