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How to make money from your blog

The obvious thing is to sell something.  Or, better yet, LOTS of things. But what can you sell? The answer will astound you. If found this little “widget” on Amazon.  I have an account with Amazon so I can sell books but setting up a book sales page one at a time is time-consuming. […]

Guaranteed technique to ensure failure in your home business

Guaranteed Failure In Your Own Home Business One Simple Technique to Ensure Failure So why would you want to take that one technique to ensure the failure of your home business? Well, frankly you won’t of course but you know what?  Thousands of people do it every day.  Thousands take the one step designed to […]

Promote YOU.Inc with a personalized Gravatar

Branding yourself Key ways to improve your image on the net You know the importance of promoting “You.Inc” right?  With folks getting so much hype, lies and junk these days on the internet, the only thing that we know is REAL is YOU.  Your picture, your voice, your video, your blog/website, etc. The more you […]

How to get stuff done

How to get stuff done using FiveRR FiveRR is the eBay for mini-services Sometimes I get really amazed at what people think of.  This new site, FiveRR, is a great place to find people to do tons of things for you.  Some of it is kinda wacky (some guy wants to make a video […]

SEO Post Format

This post is a formatted post with correct SEO settings for maximum leverage on the search engines for your blog posts.  This is an H1 tagged line.  Use it like a title line.  Use your keyword in here.  This is an SEO Post Format This is an H2 tagged line.  Use it like a sub-title. […]

Blog Post Key Word Search Engine Optimization

Rocket Science or Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy? Making Your Blog Posts Search Engine Friendly Ok, I know this SEO stuff sounds like rocket science but it’s NOT!  There are just a handful of things you need to do and keep track of that this blog post will show you so you will be SEO friendly on all of […]