Blog Plug-ins – What?

So, What is a blog “Plug In” you ask?

Good question!

According to WordPress:


Plugins are cool bits of programming scripts that add additional functionality to your blog. These are often features which either enhance already available features or add them to your site.

WordPress offers simple and easy ways of adding Plugins to your blog. From the Administraton Panel, there is a Plugin Page. Once you have uploaded a Plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, activate it from the Plugins Management SubPanel, and sit back and watch your Plugin work. Not all Plugins are so easily installed, but WordPress Plugin authors and developers make the process as easy as possible.

(BTW, if you are not familiar with Blog terminology, read the Introduction to Blogging when you have a few minutes.)

So, back to Plug-ins.  Now that you know what they are, what can they DO?

The answer is just-about-anything.  And they are point and click simple like the rest of WordPress is from installation to Theme selection, etc.

This article lists the plug ins that I use (and why) so you can use them too.  To select a plug in, click on “Add New” on your left side menu bar below “Plugins” and you will see a little search bar there.  Type in the keyword or phrase I give you below to find the plugin.  Once you find it, click “add” or “install” depending on what the links say.  From there, just follow the prompts and keep clicking install until done.  If it tells you to do a “set up”, click that link to make your selections.

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated and you can’t break anything.  You can always deactivate or uninstall the plug-in if it is not what you want or you select the wrong one or something.  No loss.  I try new ones all the time and if they don’t do what I want them to do, I just delete them.

Also, watch the setup instructions closely.  Some of them are written with double negatives which can mess you up if you are not reading closely.  For example:  Click here if you don’t want these instructions to not show. That could mess up even the best English teacher.  Again, no harm if you make the wrong selection.  I do that all the time.  You an always go back and change it.

Ok, here are my plug-ins that you might want to consider using.

SPAM! [don't buy]
  1. Akismet: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need an API key to use it. They are free.  Instructions tell you how to get it.  You can review the spam that Akismet catches under “Comments.”  You probably won’t get any spam right off the bat.  When you do, you will know your site is being found though!  And it will come in bigger and bigger numbers.  Having Askismet catch the spam comments and put them in a folder for you is a “Gotta Have” because you would end up spending a ton of time adjudicating spam.  Akismet does it for you automagically.
  2. All in One Adsense and YPN: Inserts Adsense or YPN code in to your blog posts.  Great source of ad revenue once your blog starts getting lots of traffic.  You will need a Adsense account to get an Adsense ID.
  3. All in One SEO Pack: Out-of-the-box Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your WordPress blog.  Gotta Have plugin.  It puts things in for you to fill in when you write a post that lets the search engines have an easier time of finding your post and understanding the contents.  Important for search engine ranking.
  4. CommentLuv: Plugin to show a link to the last post from the commenters blog by parsing the feed at their given URL when they leave a comment. Rewards your readers and encourage more comments.  Helps with your SEO efforts.  This is a good thing!
  5. Do Follow: Removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments.  This let’s the links that your commenters put in be seen by Google which helps them as they are recognized as legitimate “back links”.  “Back Links” are a good thing in Google’s eyes when rating your site for relevance.
  6. Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.  Just install it and don’t ask questions.  It runs in the background.  You will never know it’s there.  It helps Google know what is on your site.
  7. SexyBookmarks: adds a cool list of social bookmarking icons to each of your posts so your readers can pass your post along.  Not really sexy, but works great to get your posts on more places around the net.
  8. TweetMeme Retweet Button: Adds a button which easily lets you retweet your blog posts on Twitter.  Similar to Sexy Bookmarks but does Twitter only.
  9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: Returns a list of related entries based on a unique algorithm for display on your blog and RSS feeds.  Google loves this and your readers will too. (the longer a reader stays on your site, the better ranking you get with Google!)
  10. Zemanta: Contextual suggestions of links, pictures, related content and SEO tags that makes your blogging fun and efficient.  Works with you when you are writing a post to jazz it up and make it look more professional.  Note:  This plugin, when used, puts a little icon on the bottom right of your posts that says “Zemified” and links to the Zemanta site.  DON’T Mess With IT. If you move it (like I did), it will make the bottom of your post get overwritten by things that should be below it.  If that happens to you (save your post then look at it and it is overwritten, just go back and modify the post by deleting all the Zemanta stuff and starting over.

I’ll be finding new plugins as I get more educated so bookmark this post and come back often.

Bonus ideas:

A.  Ask friends to comment on your “Do Follow” blog so you both get more “Google Juice”.  It drives up traffic for BOTH of your sites.
B.  Make your blog Theme match your main website.  This will help brand you and/or your business.
C.  Put articles on your blog “in the future”. What does that mean? When you write a post in Word Press, you can choose to publish it (i.e. put it up on your blog website) at some date/time in the future.  This is nice if you have a bunch of articles to post.  If you post them all at once, Google gives you WAY less credit than if you posted them 2, 3 or 4 days apart.  I did this on one new blog with about 20 PLR articles I got in a specific niche.  It took the blog from 12,000,000 to 604,000 in about 3.5 months in a niche that has 117,000,000 competitors on Google.  And it got me a #2 Google ranking for the keyword string =  Self Help and Personal Improvement.  Article posting on blogs is powerful!
D.  Build Your List: Use lead capture forms on your blog to get people to opt in to your list.  I currently have one on the sidebar at the top and plan to use a plug in (WP Exit) to offer the form shortly after people arrive on the site and once again when they leave the site.  If you are looking to make money with your blog, building your opt in list is paramount to your success.
We use NPN to put up our blogs and to power our easy home based business because it let’s us do all of the tech stuff with grandmother-simple, point-and-click ease and gives us up front money for referring others to it via their referral bonus program.  We recommend starting at the director level for maximum profits.  More detail on how your business structure integrates everything together can be found by getting my 7 Points To Success in Business report.Enjoy our team support to take you to the top!

Questions?  Call, email or skype me, ok?

Fred Raley
Woodbridge, VA
703 203 4648 (my real, in-my-pocket cell phone)

Skype: FredRaley

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