1-2-3 Checklist

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Checklist with everything you need to get your business foundation laid and to start making profits for you for the long term

Info Overload.  Too Much Information (TMI)

TMI? For sure…

Feel like you have information OVERLOAD?  If you don’t now, you will SOON I am sure.  There is so much good (and bad) info out there about internet marketing that you just can’t sift through it all and keep it straight and sort out what is important and what is not and where it all fits… ARGGGGHHHHHHH………………….

Well, there is hope yet.  That’s why I put together this post.  There are some real basic business foundations you need to put in place before you do ANYTHING to try to make money on the net.  They are all outlined below in simple 1, 2, 3 format.

These basics have served me well for over ten years to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income from the internet.  You should put them in place too so you don’t have to play catch-up later in your business career.  Starting off on the right foot will save you a ton of time later.  And, all of this is expandable as your business grows.

So, let’s get started!

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

  1. Web Presence: Getting a domain and blog up and running is the FASTEST way to get a solid web presence that will grow with you for life.  We use MLSP for web registration, web hosting, ad trackers, squeeze page creation, funded proposal and more.  $50 one time can’t be beat.
  2. Build your list: You hear it everywhere and here is why:  Every successful marketer sells to those who are on his LIST.  So build yours.  We recommend Aweber http://fredraley.aweber.com as your autoresponder.  Bonus: If you sign up with me in Aweber, I’ll give you a 15 part autoresponder series you can use to set up your first list with for FREE.
  3. Blog Training: Renowned blog expert Larry Rivera is on our team and has it all layed out for you to go from zero to 60 in nothing flat to get your blog generating traffic and income for you.  Get over to http://www.MakeMoneyMiniCourse.com/feed and get on my update list.  Also, look up all the articles on making your blog more effective while there.
  4. What to sell: If you don’t have your own product to sell, I recommend you hang your hat on Mike Dillard’s product line, Magnetic Sponsoring as it is the industry standard for creating million-dollar earners.  See the link at http://www.MakeMoneyMiniCourse.com and get yourself an account there to start bringing in money ASAP.
  5. Advertise – Where? Here are three solid advertising places that will be with you for the long term:

There you have it!  The basics that the gurus will charge you from $77 to $997 to learn all here in the Make Money Mini Course you got for FREE!  Follow this guide from step 1 to 5. It’s everything I use and have used for years to pull in a ton of money off of the internet.  Now, with the addition of the Make Money From Blogging course, you will be unstoppable!  (p.s.  You will make money reselling the above too like I am!)

Grab my larger report 7 Points to Success in Business It expands in more detail.

Fred Raley

I formerly had more hair.

Fred Raley
Woodbridge, VA

p.s.  This is all outlined in my blog post Business Basics Enjoy!

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    Hello Mr. Raley,

    My people are from Little Rock, Dumas and Pine Bluff also. Well I don’t know a lot about blogging hopefully you can help. I will give you a call.

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