Trash Man to the Cash Man

I saw Myron Golden speak a few weeks ago.  Watch this video.  Your marketing success is at stake.

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Fred Raley

I formerly had more hair.

Fred Raley
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Automatic Backlink Creator Reviewed

Automatic backlinks are central to any effective web marketing.

Every entrepreneur needs a robust backlink structure in place to get the traffic they need to make websites effective. Though its right that content makes the site, without a means of bringing traffic to it, the pages could just as well be blank.

You spend so much precious time and resources building the effective presentation of your solution to some problem, why waste that by not ensuring folks can see it on a constant basis.

A Cruel Quandary

Thus far, those in digital business ventures know well that money and time are what generally drive the forces of media exposure.

The old ideas of making social media bookmarks and comment postings have worked, but simply take too much to keep them maintained. Read more »

Article Marketing Tips

Five Hot Article Marketing Tips for More Traffic

Realizing some article marketing tips really should be a portion of any marketing strategy and it is wise to program what you are going to write prior to beginning. No doubt, you have carried out meticulous keyword investigation and you have to have a selection of about five or six key phrases, which includes keyword phrases that you will be able to use as grounds for your content material. As soon as you construct a couple of articles for each keyword phrase you come up with you’d have the ability to add them to the best article directories over the coming few days.

Article Marketing Ideas

The Google Panda change did have an ill effect on most article marketing article publication web sites and the ones that suffered most had been websites that approved low good quality content material. That is why you ought to aim for the higher good quality article directories. A great deal of folks claim that article submission can be a waste of time now, nonetheless it is not, supplied it is possible to write powerful articles about your preferred subject that are intriguing and helpful to a person. They must be crafted in methods that your article writing draws an individual proper down to the foot of the page where your author’s resource box is. Read more »

Network Marketing Tips

Heavy Hitter Network Marketing Tips

Whether you have been fighting along with your network marketing business, or you are only starting out in the business, you could be thinking that there are a few things you might be doing less complicated. You might also think there is some secret that you do not know. We have all read about those super secret “insider marketing tips”, but what are they?

Everyone in business needs info and the occasional tip to help them. Below these are some of the things that those heavy hitters do to stay successful.

Network Marketing Tips

1.  Treat your business like a business.

Your network marketing business is a business, not a spare time interest. If you remember the reasons why you started your network marketing efforts in the first place, it was likely to earn extra money and potentially you wanted to give up your real job and become a full time web marketer. Read more »

The Secret Law of Attraction

Steve Pavlina – The Secret Law of Attraction

On first consideration, Steve Pavlina’s Law of Attraction looks like some things from the hippy age.

When you find out that Steve uses his ideas through his business life and has multiple degrees to his name plus many successful companies, you could think he came from the privileged class. He did not; his search for personal development and growth came while he was sitting in a jail cell in his late teens.

Do I Really Need an Individual Development Program?

There are many subconscious reasons why a few of the people are successful and others are not. Often it is simply thanks to the way successful people think. Read more »

Funded Proposal – Pros and Cons

Experienced marketers use a concept called a “funded proposal” to bring in cash from advertising.

It’s different that common direct sales techniques because their ultimate goal is to get people introduced to their network marketing business (MLM) or to sell them a high ticket item.

But the idea of a funded proposal is to get your prospect warmed up first with good info, then sell something minor but related to your main offer, then move up to something bigger then on to the final offer.Funded Proposal Graphic

So, do you have a funded proposal to bring in cash while you are building your long term MLM business or sales business? Read more »

David Wood – Empower Network

Are you familiar with David Wood?

David Wood  is a top marketer, recruiter and trainer in the network marketing arena.

David has been at the top of every company he ever joins because he knows how to market successfully.  He also chooses good companies to work with.

This post is NOT to pitch you on David Wood’s current MLM.  Not in the least.

One of David’s strongest skills is putting together highly duplicatable marketing systems for everyone to use.  This time is no exception.  The best part is, you don’t have to be in David’s MLM company to use it!  It works for any and every company. Read more »

Empower Network – Who needs it?

Folks are wondering:

  1. Is this Empower Network another scammy “guru launch”?
  2. Is this Empower Network another guru “secrets of… ” sale?
  3. Is this Empower Network another OTO “oversell”?

The answer to them all is a big fat NO!



Well, what is it?

It is the answer to your marketing failures once and for all.

Think about it.

  1. What are you making money with?
  2. Especially at the 100% commission level?
  3. How are you funding your advertising?
  4. How are you collecting leads into your sales funnel (you DO HAVE ONE don’t you?)
  5. How are you converting these leads to sales and profits?

Watch this video:  Empower Network

YOU NEED Empower Network on YOUR side now.

  • You get 100% commissions on everything!
    • $25/month for each blog subscriber
    • $100/month for each training subscriber
    • $500 one time when someone buys the “High Ticket” product
  • Is that awesome or what? Just a few sales will fund your marketing for months on end

    And, some of the folks you get will not have a solid MLM to work and can join you once you show them how to get in profit with the Empower Network like you are.

    Evaluate the Empower Network for yourself, ok?

    Fred Raley 

    I formerly had more hair.


    Fred Raley
    Woodbridge, VA